Monday, June 14, 2004


Sunkiss is finished! You might remember me saying something like:
"Right now, Ryan and I are working on a great idea that I think will easily top everything we've both done up to this point. All I can say right now is that it will feature Druid - I kiss your lips (remix). Hopefully it will be ready sometime in July. Sadly, the Sunkiss project will delay the making of Assassin Drake: Turteloni."

well we finished. It's not as good as I promised but work on Assassin Drake: Turteloni continues. Check out Sunkiss. (flash 7 plugin required)

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Poose Muzzle

Enough people have had problems completing the Poose Muzzle that I now have the complete instructions.

How to complete the puzzle:
Press the flowing keys once each any order: q, e, a, s, d, z, c, b, m, h.
These keys each toggle part of a hidden word, once the word is complete move on.
Then press n.
To complete the puzzle, quickly press the r key followed by the n key again.
The word 'Winner!' should now appear above the moose.

What each key does:
v: toggles hidden word.

q: wink right eye
w: blink
e: wink left eye

a: rock right antler
s: pinch antlers
d: rock left antler

z: tilt head left
x: straighten head
c: tilt head right

t: raise right ear
y: right ear stays up
u: raise both ears
i: left ear stays up
o: raise left ear

f: raise right ear the other way
g: right ear stays up the other way
j: raise both ears the other way (you have to win first!)
k: left ear stays up the other way
l: raise left ear the other way

h: make hair stick up

b: wiggle nose left
n: wiggle nose up
m: wiggle nose right
p: wiggle nose down (you have to win first!)

r: make Drake run away (when visible)

Where you can click and what it does:
eyes: wink
antlers: tilt head
nose: wiggle nose up
forehead: make hair stick up
directly above head: raise both ears
higher above the head: pinch antlers