Friday, July 07, 2006


There is a new maze game on This is a generator of old-style mazes from the puzzle books. It looks and feels like the paper mazes. I tried to limit the controls to act like you were looking at a piece of paper. The only difference is that you cannot go outside of the lines and you can play as many mazes as you like. Its as simple as paper and pencil version only it lasts longer.

There are two sizes to choose from. Each maze takes around a minute to complete. To begin, click on the letter "S" and to create a new maze click "F". If the maze seems kind of sluggish, you can right-click and lower the quality (the maze still looks pretty good at low quality too).

I made this maze as a favor to an old friend. (This one is for you MPF, the owner of the wrench) I give you a simple puzzle-book-style maze.


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