Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Operation persistence

Do it over and over again.


Sunday, September 11, 2005


The great Henry has created a new art form! How can I describe it? 50% College Humor, 50% Randomness, 0% Intelligence. Just watch you'll understand. So far Henry has created two installments with plans for a third.

Episode 01 - Ultimate Henry: Henry thrusts. Over a half-minute of thrusting action!
Episode 01 - Ultimate Henry (low bandwidth)
Episode 01 - Ultimate Henry (high bandwidth)

Episode 02 - The CRACK of Dawn: Two unnamed college students dance... I'll let the rest be a surprise. WARNING: not for young children or the faint of heart!
Episode 02 - The CRACK of Dawn (low bandwidth)
Episode 02 - The CRACK of Dawn (high bandwidth)


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Operation persistence

Those displaced by Katrina need a real Operation persistence. If you can, please continue to volunteer or donate.

Special thanks to Google Earth for the great tool in disaster relief.

Here are some pics of successful operations from Fireball and myself (mostly Fireball).
Do it over and over again.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

As some of you know, the original name for Lamtissa was Katrina. The name Lamtissa was chosen over Katrina because Katrina is a real name. Now the name Katrina carries a meaning no one will forget. New Orleans is (and will continue to be for quite some time) underwater. Most of Louisiana lost power. The mayor of Kenner reports 100% of homes in Kenner have been damaged by Katrina. Students from the University of New Orleans may be finishing the semester at Louisiana State University. Classes at LSU are currently scheduled to resume after next Tuesday. If you are in Baton Rouge and want to help the disaster relief efforts at the PMAC and field house, call 225-219-0821.

edit: if you are in another country you can give to the red cross via Amazon.com.

What happened to Assassin Drake:
Monday: The tree in my yard fell on my back gate and I lost power for about a day. Many cell towers went down; the ones that didn't go down were at full capacity.
Tuesday: Cleaned up the mess around my house then helped The Godfather clean up his mess. a huge tree fell across his driveway and took out the power line. It may be a week before he gets power back. His car port was slightly damaged by falling limbs and the deck on the pool was destroyed. There are signs that a tornado pass through his yard. Some relatives stayed the night at my place.
Wednesday: My cousin came back from Florida. Cell phone usage returned to almost normal so I called and got calls from everywhere in the world. Traffic was a nightmare even though most stores were closed, and almost no gas stations with both gas and the power to pump it.
Thursday (Today): I return to work to help the GEOG/ENVS GIS team at LSU print maps for disaster relief. Also, I tried to help out at the PMAC but things were in a state of security lockdown due to rioting around the Centroplex area. Most traffic lights work today.
: Probably the same as today. I may start thinking about school again.

Thank you to everyone who has showed concern for Assassin Drake. Drake is fine but all projects are on hold until further notice.