Friday, October 07, 2005

Operation Persistent

In addition to Operation Persistence, now Assassin Drake would like to introduce Operation Persistent. Much like Persistence, Persistent is about turning things up side down. Unlike Persistence, this one proves much harder to keep the unsuspecting victim from catching you in the act. For a bonus, try turning over an entire refrigerator!

Operation Persistence archives:
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Doing it over and over again

Do it over and over again.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Assassin Drake: Lamtissa

Assassin Drake: Lamtissa

The most anticipated Assassin Drake project of the year is finally finished!
Running Time: 4 min 18 sec
File size: 4.28 MB
Plot: Assassin Drake, Junebug and Caesar attempt to make the red phone "do its thing." After giving up, Junebug goes on a quest to find the word for a funny person but gets distracted by a bull-moose. Will Drake be able to save the day in time?
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