Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Contact Us

A long time ago I removed the "Contact Us" link on pages but I left the words "Contact Us" on the bottom of the page. No doubt, this has confused many of our visitors trying to click on it. Now a new contact us form has been created to replace the heavily-spammed email address link. In order to contact through this form you will have to enter a six-letter security code. The purpose of this is to cut down on automated emails being sent to If we begin to get too many phony comments on our site we may add the six-letter code to comments pages too.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


The long awaited Assassin Drake game is finally here. Ok, It is quite different from the first idea for an Assassin Drake game but nevertheless, now you can play! Play Spine Here!

The object of Spine is to duplicate a spine shown on screen. The better your copy looks the better your score. The scoring is a percentage based on how well you replicate the speed and orientation of the spine. Basically, you can duplicate the spine at any location on screen but you must go the same direction as the original and you must make it look the same size. There are tons of help buttons within the game to better explain how to play.

The great part about Spine is that you can create a user account to save your high scores and compare them to other players.