Monday, October 11, 2004

Assassin Drake: Turteloni

Yes, the movie is done: ASSASSIN DRAKE: TURTELONI
There are two versions, the full version which includes extra scenes and the short version which ends differently.

Assassin Drake's next adventure "Assassin Drake: Turteloni 2" will continue from the ending in the full version.
"Assassin Drake: Turteloni" will not be the next animation: coming up are a few other projects listed below in on particular order.
Assassin Drake: Lamtissa - another Assassin Drake movie
Spaghetti & Meat Balls - a short skit with some people from Assassin Drake
Wordsearch puzzle - a wordsearch in Flash.

Most of the old characters are not in this movie, however. Drake will once again be given a mission by Caesar Salad. This time Drake will need a high tech gadget to complete the mission. Look forward to seeing a walking tux or a talking nose.