Sunday, March 05, 2006

Island 2

Those of you who have seen the first installment may notice the island has changed a little. For everyone who is following the intricate story line, below is a brief synopsis of what happens betwixt the two:

Tension peaks on the small island as Caesar struggles to get home after the locals elect Drake mayor. As his first order of business, Drake takes away Caesar's coconut privileges. Caesar responds by seceding. Then aliens beam them all up and land them back at home. Now, Drake and Caesar have forgotten who they are and remember only life on the island. Caesar tries his hardest to find his way back to the island and Drake eats everything in the refrigerator. During the course of eating, Drake stubs his toe and goes berserk, growing into a huge green monster. The giant Drake eats Caesar in the confusion. Then the resourceful cat uses common household items (that Drake ate) to explode his way out of Drake. Finally, Caesar wakes up from the nightmare and the whole thing is written off as a dream except, he is still on the island and the sun is still straight up in the sky.

There are also three special bonus features, which should be watched only after seeing the main story.
Watching Island before Island 2 is not necessary but still recommended.


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