Sunday, February 05, 2006


A new SuDoku puzzle generator has been uploaded to here. There are an endless number of puzzles available. No two people will get the same one. It also has a trainer mode available for people who are learning to play SuDoku. Don't look to hard for SuDoku rules anywhere on (There aren't any). Look here instead.
Special thanks goes to Luke Jeffers who wrote a mobile device version in Java recently. After seeing his version, I added some improvements to the flash version which will no doubt raise the quality of life for everyone who wants to play SuDoku online.

This also marks the begining of a new comment system on pages. From now on, new pages will have a comments section at the bottom of each page. All that is required is a comment, though there is an option to leave you name if desired. If the system becomes popular, old pages may get comments too.


At 8:37 PM, Anonymous greg said...

The timer should wait until you click the puzzle before it starts. I cannot use the num pad to play, only the numbers atop the letter keys work.

At 11:33 AM, Blogger Assassin Drake said...

Technically, the time it takes to solve the puzzle starts before you enter the first value. If you still feel the timer starts ticking too soon, you can press the reset button.

I never tested the numpad for values I only tested it for the up/down arrows. Thanks for finding this bug Greg. I've fixed the numpad problem and now the '0' key will clear the value instead of doing nothing.


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